How To Get High Ticket Sales And Make $2,500 To $25,000 Per Client!

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Edmund here again. I've got one last special offer...

This alone is responsible for adding another digit to our annual income...

And I'm going to show you how to do the same...

So you can turn yearly income into monthly income...

And monthly income into weekly income!

Cool part is: you can plug this into whatever you're doing right now (This is something I wish I had discovered much, much earlier)


The Profits Are In The Backend.

Smart marketers know they don't make the real big bucks from their Front-End - and not even the launches themselves.

The REAL Money Is In The Backend...

And most of the high 6 figure, 7 figure and 8 figure business owners you know... Are peddling High Ticket offers!

Would you rather make $10,000 a month... or RIGHT NOW?

High Ticket or Big Ticket lets you do that - and I can show you how it's done.

But it wasn't always that way for me.

Strangely, most marketers don't do this - and for a long time I didn't too.

I didn't realize how much money I was leaving on the table...

When I finally decided to do this, well let's just say it was nothing short of frustrating.

Everyday was a choice to continue - or give up.


5 Months And $35,000 In Trial And Error Later... My Gambit Paid Off.

And I began to close High Ticket sales like this...

(yes, these are MY screen shots)

I started to reel in Clients who want to pay me $2,000... $5,000, $10,000... $25,000 even...!

And as of this time, my best records include

$50,000 From A Single Client

And $125,000 Generated In 4 Days Just With Big Ticket...

I Taught This In My High Level Mastermind Retreat
(every participant paid at least $5,000 - $20,000 to be here!)

Yes, my Clients pay me a premium to unlock the secrets to High Ticket - and rightfully so. If you want to make high ticket sales, you should be ready to invest high ticket right?

But Here's The Good News...

  • You don't have to pay anywhere near that to find this out
  • You don't have to fly halfway across the world to meet me in person
  • You don't have to do any guesswork yourself...
  • ... When you can just learn from my online training - INSTANTLY.

You see...

We Had Recorded The Entire Session Throughout The High Level Mastermind Retreat - And I'm Giving You Access To Them!

So if you are sick and tired of living off the scraps of low-ticket sales...

If you want to get people paying you big sums of cash UPFRONT (and have no qualms doing it)...

Make MORE money from your existing products, offers or funnels...

Heck, if you want to do this as your ONLY business...

Then Get The Secrets Of How To Rake In High Ticket Sales At Your Fingertips...

While I can't get into every single detail on this course, first let me tell you What This Is NOT About:

  • This is NOT about making volume sales (you don't have to, because you need just a handful of high paying Clients)
  • This is NOT about MLM or meeting in person (not saying you can't, but I don't do that and this is good news for introverts)
  • This is NOT about doing many things (SEO, PPC, Vlogging, Blogging, CPA, Guest Posting, Article Writing, etc.)
  • This is NOT about running a seminar or live event (there's more leverage online)

What Big Ticket Machine Is About

  • How to attract and get Clients to pay you prices like $2,500, $5,000, $10,000... Even $25,000...!
  • How to do this with just your computer and Internet connection
  • How to do this in the least steps possible (I counted 4 main components)
  • How to do this right away (without the need to be a bestselling author or a 'guru')
  • Ultimately, How You Can Literally Multiply Your Profits And Income!

If you already have a funnel, plugging this in can add potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars with no extra traffic just targeting your existing customers.

And if you don't have anything going on right now, this can be a business in itself!

You'd be surprised to know how most people tend to over-complicate or over-engineer their methods.

This is about making BIG profits with SIMPLE approach.

Does This Work For Others? Let's Hear It From Them...

Kenneth Yee - $30,000 Under 30 Days With High Ticket

UPDATE: After this video was taken, he went on to make $67,000 in under 5 months. Plus here's the thing: he didn't even implement fully on everything taught in this course. Imagine what your results can be when you roll everything out?

Bowie Chan - $9,000 Sale Closed In 30 Minutes Call

Isabel Nicole - Closed $3,000 And $7,000 Sale!

How Much Money Are You Making Right Now In A Month?

Whatever that amount is, I bet you want to make more.

How would you spend your money DIFFERENTLY?

How Will That Change Your Life?

Maybe that lets pay your bills on time.

Maybe that gives you enough savings for the next 12 to 24 months that provides you security and peace of mind.

Or if you want some of the better things life has to offer...

A new car?

A new house?

Perhaps you prefer to invest? Charity?

Or travel the world and honor your dreams and promises you've made to yourself all these while...

You Can Get All These A Lot Faster... If Your Income Scaled Faster Too.

That was why I became fanatical about cracking the code to Big Ticket.

I was fed up of peddling lowly priced products and wasting most of my energy serving a bad group of customers.

Now I'm not saying low ticket is entirely bad, but what better way to 10X your earnings working 1/10th your effort than going High Ticket?

That's the premise of this training program.

This Took Me $35,000 Of My Own Money And Months Of Frustrating Trial And Error...

Where my Elite Mastermind Clients had paid upwards to $25,000 to learn the secrets to magnifying their income...

I suspect my close partners will think I'm crazy or silly for letting this go at a *tiny* fraction.

That's why I'm keeping this offer private - only for you to see.


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Big Ticket Machine

*Exclusive Video*

How I Made $20K In 48 Hours With Big Ticket

I can go and on but ultimately you want to see if this works. This is a video log I took when closing high ticket sales using the methods you're about to discover in Big Ticket Machine.